My favorite place on Gili Air – The Aus Diving Academy

Posted: February 12, 2018 by Anna

If someone would have told me that I would leave Gili Air with a diving license I would have burst out into laughter, since I was SO afraid of the ocean that even cooling off after sunbathing for hours was a nerve wrecking adventure every single time.

But lets start at the very beginning: After visiting Bali and Lombok, my bestfriend and I wanted to end our trip on the paradise islands Gili Air and Gili Meno. Another one of my bestfriends, who visited the Gilis before hooked us up with the phone number of one of the diving instructors from ADA, who directly invited us to hit up the diving school and have a beer with them in the evening. Since Lynne and I are a bit socially awkward when we don’t know the environment or the people, it took some courage for us to meet up with a bunch of strangers. Soon it turned out that it was the best decision we have made during our entire trip! As soon as we arrived, everyone got chairs and got us involved into their conversations. I have never felt as fast as a part of the family as I did that night!

And I also never met as many incredible people in such a short time! An Irish guy, who traveled the world with nothing but a tandem bike and a tent, a Canadian girl, who used to be a photographer living in a van for months, an Australian guy, who took a break from his career at the police to travel asia, live on the gilis, and just do what makes him happy, and an Indonesian guy, whose hospitality knew no borders, inviting us for lunch with his family, giving us a boat ride to Gili Meno and inviting us to dinner with his friends on our last night…and so many more people, who broke out the  9 to 5 circle of boredom. Their passion for diving made us decide to try diving once, even though we were scared to death. And I can tell you: DIVING IS THE BEST THING IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD! Why I decided to do my open water diving lisence right after I entered the boat after our first dive.

The instructors at ADA are incredible and I have not been scared once during my entire time there. Since Lynne didn’t want to spend her time doing her diving lisence on the Gilis, the awesome people of ADA entertained her while I was having classes, all of them waiting for me to go out for dinner together. And even though we have just been on Gili Air for three days, we felt like we have been hanging out with those people for forever! Since all diving schools on Gilis take exactly the same prices, you do not need to compare these aspects 🙂 But I highly recommend you to choose this school! ADA really made our trip special!

These kinds of experiences are the reason why I love traveling SO much! It usually doesn’t matter where you are, the people you meet on your way are the reason why it is so special to explore our globe. <3

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