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Posted: February 5, 2018 by Anna

Germany isn’t just Berlin and Munich! It has so much more to offer! After meeting my boyfriend from the Netherlands, while going out in Bochum, I realized that people actually start to travel to not so popular regions, where tourism didn’t take over yet (or he is just super weird). I figured it would be nice to show my absolute favorite food gems around the area where I work and live! Everyone who knows me well, knows that I  L O V E  going out for coffee and dinner. So if you ever happen to be in the Ruhrgebiet or Düsseldorf area – here is a list of my happy places:

Pizza in Bochum
Hans-Ehrenberg-Platz 5, 44789 Bochum

This pizza place is such a hidden gem in Bochum Ehrenfeld! And no joke, it is called “Pizza”. It is tiny and definitely offers the best pizza in entire Germany! I have to admit, it is a bit pricy (7€ and up) but since they are just using awesome ingredients im a totally cool with that! Since it is tiny I love going there during the summer months, when you are actually able to sit outside.


Ice cream
Dibergstraße 2, 44789 Bochum

Hipsters listen up! Since there is always room for desert, right across the street there is my favorite ice cream place I AM LOVE. And the best part is, that they offer vegan ice cream including chocolate sorbet and other awesome kinds of ice cream you usually don’t get anywhere! So no matter how much your body hates milk (I have a milk allergy myself) you will always be able to satisfy your sweet tooth at this place! They also offer vegan waffles and cake (whohooooo!)


butterbrot bar
Hans-Ehrenberg-Platz 1, 44789 Bochum

Since the area isn’t great enough already, right across from “Pizza” you can find the butterbrot bar. If you love German bread as much as I do: GO THERE! Their fresh baked bread, vegan spreads, eggs, coffee and everything else they offer is just great and cheap as well! But be aware: they are not open on Sundays (sadly 🙁 ).


Brüderstraße 8, 44787 Bochum

Hatoky is a kinda trashy looking restaurant close to the so called “Bermuda Triangle” in Bochum. I never went to that restaurant since it looked kind of weird, but after my bestfriend recommended it, I tried and fell in love with their amazing food! They definitely have the best curries you can imagine! The best part is: They are suuuuuper cheap (all entrees are between 6 and 12€!). Here is my recommendation for you – the dinner for champions: No. 9 (vegetarian spring rolls), No. 72 (curry with fried chicken) and a huuuge green ice tea. You are welcome.


Brüderstraße 5, 44787 Bochum

If you are looking for one of the best sushi places bestfriends in Bochum, when it comes to value for money, this is the place to go! My must-try sushi rolls are definitely the bestfriends roll and the Mr. Miyagi’s Pzza(a S)ushi!


Witteringstraße 99, 45130 Essen

Goodbye Bochum, hello Essen city! After trying a ton of different burger places, im and I agreed: This is the best place to stuff your face with a burger! Their ingredients are biological, their sauce are SO GREAT (honestly, the garlic mayo is to die for!) and there are also awesome options for alle the veggies and vegans, who are reading this! The downside is: they don’t do reservations. But as soon as you tried this awesomeness, you will be totally fine with waiting for a table! 🙂


Coffee & Bagels
everywhere in Düsseldorf

Everytime I am not able to prepare breakfast in advance before work, I would get a soy caramel latte and a cheese bagle at the Woyton which is closest to my agency! I love their coffee and their interior and I am totally obsessed with thei bagle and panini options! you can find them basically everywhere in Düsseldorf, so hit them up, as soon as you see one!


Hohoffs 800 Farmhouse
Deusender Str. 215, 44369 Dortmund

Here is a gem for everyone, who loves a good steak and who isn’t on a budget! The Hohoffs Farmhouse is such a beautiful restaurant with great service and amazing food!


Japanese Fusion
Lorettostraße 18, 40219 Düsseldorf

Last but not least, a restaurant for everyone, who is a bit experimental and open when it comes to food! Adjito is a japanese fusion restaurant on my favorite street in Düsseldorf! Tim and I went here on one of our first dates last summer and both loved it! It is a bit pricy but worth every cent! Just try a variety of their appetizers and sushi and thank me later! 🙂

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