Food Feast at Markt Hal Rotterdam

Posted: December 6, 2017 by Anna

I think it is pretty obvious that I L O V E food. So Tim and I finally took a trip to the market hall in Rotterdam! This place basicly is the Dutch version of the La Boqueria in Barcelona and full of Dutch fried food temples, market stands full of delicious cheese, cheap fruits and veggies, cute dessert and coffee places, an assortment of restaurants and a crazy asian supermarket. Not to mention the breathtaking architecture of this place, which is nothing but stunning. The only downside is, that the hall is not heated, even though it is inside, so be prepared to freeze your butt off! You can park right under the market hall for about 3€ an hour, which is nothing compared to cities like Amsterdam. After trying a lot of the small dishes, the market hall had to offer, we stocked up on greek dips, turkish bread, mangos (3 for 2 €!!!), cheese and chorizo and had another food feast at home. I just love the dutchies.

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