A total Bali Gem – Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay

Posted: January 1, 2018 by Anna

My absolute favorite Bali experience definitely has been the sunset cruise with the team of Black Pearl Jimbaran Bay. I actually found it on another blog while I was researching for our Indonesia trip. Since the cruise just had positive reviews, we definitely wanted to give it a shot. Because people in Bali never happened to communicate via e-mail with their customers I dropped them a message on their Facebook page – sending a Whatsapp message would also be an option (which I thought was really odd, before realizing that it was totally normal when we were there) – from there they take care of the organisation. It might feels odd, since you don’t have to do a down payment in advance but everything will just work out fine.

You have the option to hire one boat just for yourselves or share with other people to split costs. Since the cruise is kind of pricy with a total between 80 and 120 € depending on the number of people, we decided to share our boat. Luckily the couple which was supposed to ride with us didn’t show up, so we had a boat to ourselves for a cheaper price. 🙂 The cruise itself was just a m a z i n g ! The crew of the Black Pearl boats is super kind and fun to talk to! As we were cruising along the coast enjoyoing the breath taking view, we had some Bintangs and discussions about life.

In the middle of the ride we stopped to watch the stunning sun set and to swim in the ocean. We came back after the sun was gone for good and got picked up by our driver we booked earlier during the day, being super tired but super happy! So if you are looking for a unique experience and  an amazing time with the locals: G O  T H E R E.

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